Congrat's to last years Bruin's!

Welcome Back Everyone! Let's have another great season...

The 2017-2018 Schedule:

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OTHL Registration and Payment Instructions:
* Every player has to register for the OTHL via the ASHL website before the season starts: (See ASHL website instructions below)
* While registering online each player can pay by credit card
* Or players can call Ice Sports and provide them with their credit card info: 905-845-6989 (provide them with your name, league name, team name)
* Or players can pay by cash (or cheque???) by bringing it to the office at Ice Sports Oakville anytime before the season starts
* Important: For the first game of the season, show up early and bring your ID so you can get your ASHL sticker from the office which allows you to play
ASHL Website Instructions:
1.) Login with your email address
* If you are a returning player you have an account - Use forgot password if necessary
* If you are a new player create an account
2.) Select the following:
Facility: Canlan Ice Sports Oakville
Season: Fall/Winter 2017-18
League Name: Wednesday 35+ (Wednesday)
Team Name: Pick the team you were drafted to
3.) If paying online - Select the "Payments Button"
* Select "Make a Payment"
* Enter $610 in "Credit Card Payment"
* Enter your details

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Stay Informed:

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