The Playoff Schedule:

March 8:
Bruins (1) Vs Habs (4): 9:15PM: Rink 1
Wings (2) Vs Leafs (3): 10:15PM: Rink 1

March 15:
Bruins (1) Vs Leafs (3): 9:30PM: Rink 2
Wings (2) Vs Habs (4): 9:15PM: Rink 1

March 22:
Bruins (1) Vs (2) Wings: 9:30PM: Rink 4
Leafs (3) Vs Habs (4): 9:15PM: Rink 1

March 29:
Championship Game: 9:15PM: Rink 1

Playoff Round Robin Timeslot Breakdown:
Bruins: 1st Place: 9:15, 9:30, 9:30
Wings: 2nd Place: 10:15, 9:15, 9:30
Leafs: 3rd Place: 10:15, 9:30, 9:15
Habs: 4th Place: 9:15, 9:15, 9:15​

OTHL Playoff Format - From Kyle MacDonald, OTHL Playoff Convenor
For the first time in the 18 year history of the OTHL we are changing up the playoff format:

2017 OTHL Playoffs: Round Robin Style:
* Last regular season game: March 1
* First playoff game: March 8
* Team are ranked based on regular season standings
* Top seeded teams get time preference for all games (#1 team always plays early game if there is one)
* Tie-breaker rule: If two teams have the same record after the 3-game round robin, the tie-breaker rule is wins in Round Robin first, and then Goals for / Goals against record from the entire round robin.

Ties/ Overtime:
* Only overtime in first 3 round robin games - No shootouts
* Overtime and Shootout in Championship game
* 1 Point for Overtime loss
* 2 Points for win

Final Stats:

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