Welcome to the Playoffs! Schedule here.

2018 OTHL Playoff Format:
Feb 28: Round Robin Game 1 (1 Vs 4) (2 Vs 3)
March 7: Round Robin Game 2 (1 Vs 3) (2 Vs 4)
March 14: Round Robin Game 3 (1 Vs 2) (3 Vs 4)
March 21: Championship Game (2 teams with best record in round robin)

  * The higher seeded team is home
First Tie Breaker: Head to Head
Second Tie Breaker: +/-

The 2017-2018 Schedule:  

Leafs      Bruins      Wings      Whalers

Stats:           Leafs      Bruins      Wings      Whalers

                            Standings      Leaders

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